IMG_2953.JPGNorthern California Flute Camp originated as a small summer flute workshop at Hidden Valley Music Seminars in Carmel Valley. In 1994 I was invited, along with several other teachers, to join the faculty of that program to teach and help with organization and recruiting. With some restructure, a massive recruiting effort, and a request from the Director of HVMS for me to run the program, Northern California Flute Camp was born.

Summer music programs are an extremely important resource for musicians for a multitude of reasons. Participants are immersed in a musical environment and can explore their instrument away from the everyday distractions of their lives.  Students work with professionals with whom they have no regular lessons, who bolster the work they do with their year-round private teachers. Moreover, subjects that many private teachers don’t make time for in weekly lessons (such as pedagogy, in-depth analysis of tonal coloration, sight reading) are covered in classes.  Perhaps most significant are the life-long friendships that form as a result of the intense experience of studying music together in an oasis environment.

Developing NCFC and witnessing the enormous impact it has had on hundreds of students over the years has been something of a phenomenon. Perhaps the key ingredient to its success has been the fact that we stress upon arrival that students should not compare themselves to anyone else; that they focus on their own playing and explore the flute without the all-too-common, negative influences of the competitive flute scene in the “real world”. The intensive immersion in music and flute playing coupled with an intimate, friendly atmosphere results in lifelong friendships and love of flute playing for many alumni, no matter what field he or she pursues as a profession.

The following curriculum is offered at NCFC by an extremely accomplished and dedicated faculty and world-renowned guest artists:

  • Solo Performance
  • Flute choirs
  • Chamber music groups
  • Seminars
  • Electives
  • Master classes 

Flute Camp has the best recreation activities in the flute-playing world, most notably:

  • Swing Dancing
  • Water Balloon Volleyball (a major hit!)
  • Swimming
  • Capture the Flag
  • And the best part of the week……….SKIT NIGHT!

If you are a serious young flutist and think flute camp may be for you, check out our web site: